"...Award-winning novelist Dudman has written another powerful contender for honours with this atmospheric, lyrical page-turner..."

Steve Dube, Western Mail, June 5th 2010

" engrossing book. It sticks to the facts and doesn’t exaggerate them for effect..."

Jim Murdoch, The Truth About Lies, June 21st 2010

"...intensely moving...The protagonist Silas James is a character you instantly connect with, and the in-depth descriptions make you feel as though you are sitting in the Patagonian desert..."

'KH', Buzz Magazine July 2010

"...A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees is a lovely novel, which I highly recommend for a rich and rewarding reading experience."

Anne Sydenham, Cat Politics July 2nd 2010

"...Her extensive research into the region and the period in which the story takes place gives the novel an air of urgency and realism that makes it a gripping read..."

Carola Huttman in BookMunch July 7th 2010

"...This narrative about the Welsh colonists of Patagonia would be a ripping yarn, as they say, in the hands of any competent writer. It has danger, dashed dreams, fears, jealousies, romance -- everything you could want in a novel. But in the hands of a writer of the calibre of Dudman, this has become much much more..."

Sue Guiney : Writing Life. July 11th 2010

"...Lyrical and informative in equal parts, this is a novel that a non-fiction reader can appreciate for its descriptive content while still giving flight to the imagination and good development of characters that the reader cares about. Recommended."

Brian Clegg: Now Appearing. July 19th 2010

Fine historical novel based on the true story of the founding of a Welsh colony in Patagonia in 1865. It's a harrowing book, but beautiful, full of humanity, and believably renders the hardships and triumphs of the early colonists, as well as what their arrival meant to the native Tehuelche people..."

'Mastadge' August 1st 2010

A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees
is beautifully written and powerful. Also surprising: going into it I already knew more or less what it would be about, yet I was still caught off-guard repeatedly at how the author chose to tell the story...'

Debra Hamel, BookBlog, January 16th 2011.

...The story of the colonists’ struggle to survive is told alongside the personal thoughts and feelings of the main characters, and you find yourself willing them to succeed on all levels. Though the focus is very much on the Welsh aspects, its appeal will be much wider."

Julian Philpot, Bookgeeks April 9th 2011

'...A thought-provoking book, driven by powerful characterisation and profound reflection on the process of colonisation.'

Sarah Bower The Historical Novels Review September 9th 2011

'A beautifully written book that would appeal equally to fans of drama, history or character-driven pieces.'

Die Booth, March 22nd 2012